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What Do You See in The Mirror?

This week I have been noticing how often I don’t like reflections.  I complain that the camera catches my bad side.  I yell that the mirror must be broken.  I bark that the blood test must be wrong because my … Continue reading

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What Bothered Jesus Most

Jesus gives many warnings. However, the tone of most of most of the warnings of Jesus are redemptive in nature. He warns us so that we will avoid the snares of the Devil. He warns in order to save. However, … Continue reading

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Loving for Real

In Romans 12 Paul challenges the church in Rome to love. He calls us to love without hypocrisy.  He calls us to commit to loving in a profound way.  Love is different from being nice.  Love is real.  Love is … Continue reading

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Love First

This is love. It isn’t that we loved God and so He loved us. He loved us first! Of all the differences between human love and God’s love, this may be the foundational difference for us. As humans, we love those who love us. OR – We grow to love those who are also growing to love us. It is rare for the total commitment that God-like love has to exist without being loved in return. Continue reading

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The Profound Grace of Jesus

Grace. There are two important questions this word should bring to our minds. 1) What is it? and 2) Why do I need it? Continue reading

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Purity – Clean on the Inside

Our passage for this week is Psalm 119:9.  It says, "How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word."  Purity.  Yes, it is about morality.  However, purity is also about much more.  Purity … Continue reading

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