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At Calvary – Episode 59 – Adoring a Great God

The Greatest of all possible beings. Sounds impressive, right? Yet, often the response to the greatest of all possible beings seems off. Either we shrug our shoulders like it barely matters, or we are so intimidated by the thought that we don’t really approach Him. Is that what God’s faithful people do in the Bible? Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, the Overlooked Holiday – and that is the way we like it

Take a look at this thought by Barbara Rainey – “I’ve heard many people say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. Is that surprising? Though it’s a holiday sandwiched between the increasingly popular Halloween and the overwhelmingly merchandised Christmas, Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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50 Things You Can Say to Make Your Child Feel Great

Janel Breitenstein has written an interesting list for all of us to consider. We all want to encourage our children.  Sometimes we just lack the words to do it.  Here are her suggestions.  I whole-heartedly agree with them.  Some are … Continue reading

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