At Calvary – Episode 76 – Suppressing Truth, Suppressing People

God has declared that He is knowable. He tells us that He is not just knowable to those who have grown up in church. God has said that He is knowable to any who honestly just observe creation. So, why do so many people deny who God is? God says that it is because people suppress the truth for an alternative that they wish was true. This is what Christians face when they want to share Jesus with their friends and family. It is is why we need courage today.

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At Calvary – Episode 108 – Set on Fire by Hell At Calvary!

The human tongue is pretty small. Yet, the human tongue has amazing powers. It has both the power to heal and the power to kill. The New Testament writer James points this out and talks about what we should do about it. We will talk about both this week At Calvary… Looking for more? You […]
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