At Calvary – Episode 67b – Called, Set Apart and Loved

Do you need some encouraging music to help your day? This second half of the “At Calvary!” podcast features both the worship time and the after-concert given by Cross Contamination. We hope you enjoy it!

Looking for more? You can always find all of the episodes right here…

At Calvary – Episode 72 – Eager to Be Together At Calvary!

Paul longed to be with the Roman Christians. As he shared that with them, Paul revealed a heart that was open. His heart was open to the Roman Christians who were Gentile. His heart welcomed the Jewish Christians. His heart … Continue reading →
  1. At Calvary – Episode 72 – Eager to Be Together
  2. At Calvary – Episode 71 – Discipleship, Openness, and Safety
  3. At Calvary – Episode 70 – Prayer and Discovering the Will of God
  4. At Calvary – Episode 69 – Faith Heard Around the World
  5. At Calvary – Episode 68b – Grace and Peace Because of the Father and the Son

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