At Calvary – Episode 61 – Changing Things Up

Ever have one of those days where nothing works quite the way you planned? That was our experience at Revolution! last week. Instead of rockin’ it and spending time with our pastors around the table, we had an acoustic set and a shorter word of encouragement. We hope you are encouraged by God’s Word as we were. * There are some minor problems with this audio, we are truly sorry for this. They were unavoidable, and we hope you can still be blessed by this podcast!*

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At Calvary – Episode 108 – Set on Fire by Hell At Calvary!

The human tongue is pretty small. Yet, the human tongue has amazing powers. It has both the power to heal and the power to kill. The New Testament writer James points this out and talks about what we should do about it. We will talk about both this week At Calvary… Looking for more? You […]
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