At Calvary – Episode 54b – Revolution – Getting Honest with God

Honesty. We all know that strong relationships are based upon honesty and truth. Yet, the most important relationship of our life – the one with God – often is filled with cover-ups and half-truths. The ironic thing is… God knows the truth! Unless we acknowledge and accept the consequences of the truth, there will be parts of our brokenness that we will carry around with us that will cause us unnecessary struggles. Will we be boldly honest with God?

Part 2 – Pastors Ed, Jeff, and John share from God’s Word how we can get honest with God

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At Calvary – Episode 109 – A Debt Worth Having At Calvary!

The Bible speaks clearly about the dangers of short-term debt. Yet, when God wants to encourage us to love others, He uses the image of debt to urge us to keep loving. Why is that? What about love and debt are connected? Let’s think about that together At Calvary… Looking for more? You can always […]
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