Our Redeeming God

Today I want to think a little deeper about our struggle with grace. In fact, I think that this part of grace is something with which we all struggle. I know that some people struggle with the fact that God’s grace is for them. However, that isn’t the root of our struggle. I know that some people struggle with adding works to it. Yet, I don’t think that is the root of our struggle either. I think almost every one of us struggle with the how all-encompassing it is.

Think about it. Before we become followers of Jesus, many of us struggle with wanting to climb up to God on some ladder of our own righteousness. When we are there, we then struggle with the truth that God will receive us ONLY by grace. Yet, in an ironic twist, once we get over that hurdle and become His followers we find ourselves again struggling with trying to work for God’s approval. At that moment we are struggling with the idea that God STILL receives us by grace alone. Then comes some personal failure. In that moment we struggle believing that we CONTINUE to be covered by His grace. We say things like, “God will not forgive that,” or “I need to make this right before talking to God.”

Oh, such struggles! Yet, God’s Word is clear – God’s grace is abundant! If you read the Scripture above, did you underline the phrase, “and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ”? Those two words – reign and abundant – describe the great breadth of God’s grace toward us.

Abundant describes how much. It is a grace that is enough to completely cover our sin. It is not like a cheap blanket that only covers part of you. You don’t have to pick between covering up your feet or covering up your head. It is enough.

Reign describes how powerful. The gift of righteousness is a powerful, unstoppable gift. It cannot be stopped by some scheme of man. It cannot be undone by the demons of hell. Grace reigns supreme. It will cover you.

So, wherever you find yourself – before responding to Christ’s invitation to follow Him, in the midst of following Him everyday, or coming back to Him after a period of foolish rebellion – know that His grace is sufficient to cover you. There is no work that you must do to receive His grace. Just live in it. Just give your life to praise Him for it. Just marvel in the grace of God that covers you today!

Something to think about,
Pastor John

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