Keep Trusting the Bible

The words of the LORD are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times.

Psalm 12:6  

Sometimes, I think that we run from criticism about our faith.  We don’t want to sound foolish, or we are afraid of ‘gotcha’ arguments.  We are afraid if we are questioned that we won’t have the answer. 

Did you catch what God says? – His word has been tested and refined. God isn’t afraid of scrutiny.  His word has already passed the test. In our world people have to apologize all the time for things they say or write. What is the number one reason for that? The reason is the common propensity to speak without considering the consequences. God doesn’t have that problem. He doesn’t tweet first and regret it later. He doesn’t wish He could take His words back.

Think about this – the Bible is one of the most tested and criticized books in history.  God does not seem to mind that.  He knows that His Word can stand the test.  Yes, there are tough questions that people ask.  Sometimes, people ask questions because they lack knowledge about the Bible.  Sometimes people ask questions that the Bible doesn’t care to answer.  Sometimes, people ask questions knowing that the answer will make Christians uncomfortable. Sometimes, people ask questions because they are hostile to the Bible.

In all cases, God is not threatened.  His truth is secure.  Are we? If not, why aren’t we?  Maybe, just maybe, the question regarding the trustworthiness of the Bible shows more about us than it does about the Bible.  Perhaps our struggle is that we are afraid of what questions will show about our faith and  our knowledge. 

There are two answers to our struggle. First, get to know your Bible better. Spend more time in the Word and it will make you more confident of your knowledge about the Word. Second, lighten up on yourself. No one but Jesus has a quick answer for every question. There will always be questions you can’t answer. This is the glory of our modern age: if we don’t know, we can find the answer!

So, let’s not be afraid that someone may stump us. This life is a journey.  We learn a little everyday.  Let’s renew our trust that the Bible has the answers?  Let’s be okay that we humans sometimes have to look for those answers. God tells us we can trust His Word. It’s okay to not know the answer once in a while. A little humility goes a long way.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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