The Preciousness of Jesus

On Sunday, our children’s moment was about jewelry. The question was, “Which type of jewelry do you like – the gold and precious stones type or the homemade type?” The vote was mixed. Some liked the prettiness of the store bought jewelry. Some liked that homemade jewelry always reminded us of the person who gave it.

Then we thought about God’s gift of Jesus. He is both, isn’t He? He is a costly gift because it is His life that was given for us. He is a precious gift because He came due to the great love God has for us.

1 Peter 1:18 — 19 18 You were not  redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, 19 but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.

Peter makes this point about the preciousness of Jesus. He is precious because He is worth so much. He is also precious because He personally came to us. We all know John 3:16. When we think of the precious character of Christ’s gift to us, that verse clarifies just how precious He is. He is a gift of God’s love. It isn’t just that He gave all for us. He gave all because of the love of God!

So, do we treat Him as precious? As we approach Easter Sunday, it bears some deep thinking. Do we treat Jesus as the precious treasure that He is? Do we listen to Him as we would someone precious to us? Do our lives tell everyone around us how precious He is to us? If someone was gossiping about you, would the horrible gossip they had to share was that you always seemed to think that Jesus was so very important?

May we be people who shine for Him. May our understanding of how very precious He is inform our choices and our life. He is precious. Let’s tell the world!

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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