Faith Today Calls us to Believe Forever

Sometimes I forget how valuable lived out faith really is.  I know that the Bible says our testimony is precious, but I forget why. As I studied what the Bible says faith is this week, I was reminded…

Acts 3:16 says, “And his name — by faith in his name — has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all.”

Peter and John were walking in the temple when they saw a man who couldn’t walk. In the name of Jesus they declared him healed. What a stir it caused! Everyone was dumbfounded. Peter explains the event in a very matter of fact manner. He declares it to be a simple cause and effect relationship. In other words he is saying, “Why are you surprised that this man is walking? It isn’t us who did it by our power or holiness – this is simply the promise given to us in Jesus.” (See Acts 3:13 & 16)

That is the connection between the faith we have in Jesus for forever and the faith we express in our daily living. The faith of everyday life comes from and points to saving faith. When what we believe about Jesus’ death and resurrection makes it easier for us to sacrifice or change or pray– people notice. They notice the faith we have today. They notice that we trust Jesus in the today. It makes people pause and consider the power of Jesus in our lives.

So, I am reminded again how important it is for me to live out this faith I have in everyday life. Then, when others are confused about my decisions or my perspective I can be like Peter. I can ask them why they are surprised that a follower of Jesus would follow Him. I, too, can point out that it only makes sense for someone who trusts Jesus for forever to trust him for today. That is the power of lived out faith. It opens the door to share saving faith with those around us. (It doesn’t hurt us any either!)

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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