4 questions that check the reality of our faith (part 3)

“Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

This week’s question is actually a challenge from our Lord Jesus.  It isn’t just a question about what you and I are seeking or wanting from God. It is a question that digs deep into our values and our vulnerabilities.  It is a question that asks us to be vulnerable.  In fact it asks us to value being vulnerable rather than being strong.  The question is from Matthew 18 above: Are you willing to look childish to become childlike?

What do we mean when we say childlike?  Well, it means trust.  It means abandoning our self consciousness.  It means a reckless love that doesn’t mind being noticed.  Think about how children are with their parents.  They trust their parents without needing to be taught.  Children aren’t self conscious about acting on that trust.  They don’t worry about who is watching when they hug their dads or kiss their moms.  The believe freely.  They are happy to be gullible to their parents.

Is that us toward God?  Jesus said in Matthew 18 that such characteristics are the very definition of Biblical faith!  He said that it is only by that type of faith do people enter the kingdom of Heaven.  So, are we willing to look like that?  I used a word that is derogatory in our culture: gullible.  I don’t mean gullible toward the world.  I mean gullible toward God.  Are we willing to look foolish with Him?  Do we believe everything He has said?  Do we praise Him without caring who hears?  Do we sing with passion, obey with determination, and follow wherever He takes us?

Yes, it will make us look a bit childish to those who aren’t with us.  They will ask us how we can believe the Bible so fully.  They will look askance at us as we sing (even when we can’t carry a tune – just like kids) to our Father.  They will call us silly, gullible even.  So, which do you value:  Looking grown up or being childlike?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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