Keeper of Promises

As we come upon the Christmas season, we look back at God’s declarations about Jesus.  We talk about Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men, and even John the Baptist’s parents.  However, God’s promise of Jesus wasn’t a new thing.  Yes, we hear of the coming Messiah in the later prophets, but even King David speaks of Him.  However, it is far before David that the Savior was promised.  Back in Genesis 3 God promises that One was coming who would crush Satan.  Genesis 3!  This wasn’t hundreds of years after the fall.  God’s promise was an immediate response to our problem.

And what did God do?  God never forgot his promise.  Instead, he reaffirmed it over and over and over again.  Then, he kept his promise.  He sent Jesus.  He gave salvation. In the coming of Jesus, God did what he said he would do.  God keeps his promises.  So, as you see the baby Jesus this Christmas in manger scenes, remember that it is at Christmas that we see God keep his promises.  He does what he said he will do.

At Easter we rejoice over the salvation given to us by our risen Lord.  At Christmas, we celebrate the God who keeps his promises.  Know that today in your life – God keeps his promises!

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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