Bringing God a Sacrifice

On Sunday we talked about worship.  However, we didn’t so much talk about the elements of worship like prayer, sermons, and music.  We talked about what those elements were supposed to do.  They are supposed to help us sacrifice.

Sacrifice.  That isn’t a popular word today.  Sacrifice is something we ask of others, but we rarely ask of ourselves.  For those who believe in Jesus, we can come to believe that sacrifices are only for our salvation.  However, the sacrifice for sin was not the only sacrifice in the Old Testament. In fact, we know that the sacrifice for sin wasn’t really effective at all.  It was to point to something.  It was to point to God’s sacrifice – Jesus.  It was also to invite us to respond in kind to His sacrifice – give our lives.  That is what sacrifices do… they invite us to focus our attention, give our devotion, and give our lives to the One who is worthy of all three – God.

David says, is 2 Samuel 24 that he will not give to God something that cost him nothing.  Oh, if only that would be our hallmark! If only we would so desire to truly give God what He deserves that we would come to Him giving our attention, devotion, and life.  That is what sacrifice really means. Will we give Him that sacrifice?  Jesus said it this way, “If anyone would come after Me let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow Me.”  Is that not sacrifice?  Doesn’t that mean something? Let’s take worship from a ritual and a make it a genuine sacrifice. Let us give God was He is due.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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