Remembering the Important Stuff

I’ve been reminded over the last month how it is to be a little child. With Bible School a month ago and Children’s Camp last week, I have been reminded of the truths that we teach children.  Those truths aren’t minor.  Nor are they little.  They are the most important truths that we have.  They are the truths about Jesus. They are the truths about God’s love.  They are the truths about forgiveness.

I wonder if sometimes we, as adults, make life complicated. We talk about theology, we argue over the finer points. Yet, that isn’t what we see the gospel writers or the apostles doing.  Even when Paul expounds deeply, it erupts into simple praise.  Paul never forgot the important lessons.  The love of God in Jesus never became just a children’s song. In fact, the love of God in Jesus is a theme that Paul comes back to again and again.

If in our desire to be ‘grown up’ we lose sight of these precious truths that give us hope and remind us of God’s love, then I don’t want to be a grown up.  I always want to be a child of my heavenly Father.  I especially want to have the faith and loving abandon of a child.  What about you?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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