Moving from Acting to Doing

I think of myself, even to this day, frozen on that diving board. I was taking swimming lessons, and it was my turn to jump. I had seen others jump. I had heard how to jump. I had even practiced on the side of the pool. Yet, there was something about going from theory to practice that I struggled with. Instead of trying to jump into the water, I just froze on the board. In the end, I jumped off the board more like a tear drop. I was frozen in that position, and that is how I landed.

There comes a time when we need to move from thinking about something to doing something. A time to move from considering action to acting. A time to face fears, try something new, and step out. When it comes to following God, there is always that moment of truth. It is the moment that we embrace God’s call.

As we think about reaching out to others with the gospel, it is time to do more that just think. It is time to do. How will we do it? We will start by asking who… With whom will I begin to share the message of Jesus? Start by praying. Pray, asking God to open your eyes to a person in your life that would be open to hearing about Jesus.

Next, plant seeds. Don’t see yourself as an evangelist or someone who has to deliver a whole message. See yourself as a seed planter. Plant a seed a day or a seed a week. Scripture teaches many lessons through many examples. All of those lessons are seeds. They teach us. Those seeds use time and patience to change our lives. God can use us to do the same thing.

Third, we can challenge others to do something with the truth they hear from us. We don’t have to be obnoxious, but we can ask them to wrestle with the truth of Jesus.

The process above is not complicated, nor does it take great training. However, it is a lot like jumping off a diving board. Talking about it is not the same as doing it. Will we do it? Will you move from thinking to doing?

Something to act on,

Pastor John

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1 Response to Moving from Acting to Doing

  1. Wonderful post and overall interesting read. Thanks for your ministry. Feel free to repost / share on Godinterest. God Bless You

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