Troubleshooting 101

When I was a kid, I did a lot of troubleshooting. No, I didn’t call it that back then, but I did it. When I was faced with a problem like a ball stuck on a roof, I would think through possible solutions until one presented itself. Sometimes, I would do foolish things to solve the problem. Usually, those foolish things included throwing other things on the roof to get the ball down. I would through other balls, bats, gloves, and bases hoping that something would tap the ball. However, this usually meant that I still had something on the roof that I had to get down!

Most of the time, the answer for such problems didn’t come to me when I was frustrated and filled with thoughts of the problem. The answer came when I stepped back and took a new look with fresh eyes.

What about your life. Troubleshooting involves finding new ways of solving old problems. It requires fresh eyes. Sometimes, the people involved just can’t see what needs to be done because they are too close to the situation. Does this describe you? Is it time to look at the struggles of your life with some fresh eyes? That is one of the things that Jesus does. He takes us a step away from our struggles so that we can see them clearly. Then, He helps us see the answer that is revealed in His word.

Do you need to step back today? Let Jesus show you from a different point of view those struggles that have you discouraged. Let Him through His Word speak a fresh perspective regarding your life. There is hope. We find it as we see through His eyes.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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