The Mystery of the Resurrection

As we think this week about the resurrection, I want us to consider that the resurrection is God’s declaration about the cross. It is the declaration that the cross is not a failure. It is not a loss. It is victory.

First, it is a victory of mystery. What is that mystery? It is the mystery of Jesus. What makes Him special? Why do people need Him? Why would He come to save us? All of those questions swirl around the cross. The resurrection answers those questions – Jesus is the One that God has approved to save! Jesus is the One who has found victory over death! Jesus is the One worth listening to.

What a Savior! What a mystery! But, to be honest, it is the mystery of love. It is the mystery that keeps God reaching out to us. Love redeems. Love saves. The real mystery is why anyone would wait to say yes to the love of Jesus.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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