Loving for Real

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been examining Paul’s challenge to the church in Rome regarding love. He calls us to love without hypocrisy.  He calls us to commit to loving in a profound way.  Love is different from being nice.  Love is real.  Love is committed. Love rejoices with those who rejoice. Love weeps with those who weep. Love seeks good always. Love values people no matter what they can give us. Real love even blesses enemies!

Think about the profound power such love would have.  Such love would walk with the hurting.  Such love would give those who long for a connection a place to connect with real people.  Such love would woo an enemy until the enemy was won over. Such love would show the world that Jesus means it when He says that He loves. Such love would look like Jesus.

Does our love look like Jesus? Does it look like Him when we are hearing the pain of others? Does it look like Jesus when we see a brother or sister in need? Does it look like Jesus when an enemy is struggling? Does our love look like Jesus when the lost persecutes us?

It is hard sometimes to remember that the standard of our love is not what we see around us in our friendships and families. It is not even that nice neighbor who always seems to have a smile for others.  Even though these are good examples, our real standard of love is Jesus.  His commitment, His fervency, and His steadfastness is our calling.  Let as, as Paul encouraged, “love without hypocrisy.” Let us love like Jesus.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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