Vacation Bible School Conferences

I have a new respect for Vacation Bible School conference leaders.

First, they have to work through the stereotype that they are just sales people for the curriculum.  Second, they are trying to get excited people who are not ready to think about a summer outreach in the middle of winter!

I am serious.  I saw some wonderfully dedicated people this past weekend.  They answered all sorts of questions.  They helped teachers and musicians and decorators all understand how to present Jesus to their children back home.  They had down to earth suggestions about solving problems and reaching out.  They were great!

Being a pastor, I especially liked the emphasis on making new friends with the people of our communities and really connecting with them after VBS is over.  That is my church’s greatest struggle.  Yet, it is essential.  Here is my question: what 1 thing will we do better this year at VBS?  It may be related to teaching or some other program item.  It may be touching children’s lives.  For me, I think it will be connecting with our families.  VBS is our greatest outreach.  I pray that it will be our most intentional one.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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