Loving the Lost

My wife says often, “If wishes were fishes we would all be in the sea.”  We wish a lot of things.  As a Christian, I wish often that the people around me all knew Jesus.  Sometimes, I even think so highly of them that I avoid thinking about their lostness. I avoid seeing that they do not have Jesus.  I avoid remembering the future of all who do not have Jesus.

Yet, is it really loving to do that? Is it loving to push another person’s lostness out of mind because I like them?  Is it loving to avoid thinking about it? The apostle Paul declared that he had unceasing anguish in his heart for his people who did not know Jesus. (see Romans 9)  It hurt him.

It SHOULD hurt me that my friends and loved ones are lost. It should hurt because of their future.  It should hurt because they do not know the lover of their soul.  It should hurt me because it hurts the heart of God. He does love their souls.  He loves them so much that Jesus died for them.

The question I ask myself – do I love them the same way?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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