Praying with Confidence

Think for a moment who you call when you need help… It probably is a short list. Yet, the people on it are people that you can call on with confidence.  How do you know that?

You know it because those people have shown that they are committed to you.  They have been there when you have needed them.  They have answered your call before.

When we pray, we can get caught up in theology and words. Yet, the prayers of God’s people in His word don’t look like that.  They are passionate pleas to a loving Father.  Why did they pray like that? They prayed like that because they remembered how God had taken care of them in the past.

Do we forget that? In Romans 8 Paul tells us the Spirit groans with us. He tells us that He has a plan for us.  He declares that our circumstances are being worked out for our good.

Have we forgotten how much God is committed to us? Is it time to remember His commitment? Will we pray with passion because we know that God cares like this?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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1 Response to Praying with Confidence

  1. rikener180 says:

    Amen , prayer is powerful when we make it purposeful, intending to not only gain an audience with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, but intending to draw near to our daddy and remembering how good HE has always been to us , pursuing HIM with a fervent passion. May God bless you always, looking for more great postings from you. Please visit this blog and share with everyone you know and comment ; What If……? and share the video below, thank you God bless you.

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