The Hectic Family – Needing Approval

For the next several weeks I want to identify the marks of the hurried and often run over family.  In fact, Tim Kimmel of Family Life identifies seven marks of a family that is overstressed.  They are hectic! As we look at them, perhaps we will see a bit of ourselves!

Our next hectic family is the one that is doing all the right things, but their hectic life stops them from thinking about why they are doing them. The dad leads the Boy Scouts.  The family takes in hurting people.  Whenever anyone needs help, they are the family that people call on.  Yet, they are not happy.  Each of them feels neglected.  They are so busy that they can’t minister to one another.  They need approval.  They need compliments.  They need to convince themselves that they are valuable.

Why do we do this? We do this because we are moving so fast that we can’t hear the words of love from God or one another.  We do this because we are working so hard that we can’t help our own family when it is hurting.  In fact, we can’t even see it.

For those of us in this situation slowing down will not be enough.  If we do slow down, new requests will just take their place. We don’t just need to slow down.  We need to know something.  We need to know that we are enough.  We need to know that in Christ we are valuable.  We are His beloved.  We are not His beloved because of the great work we can do.  We are not His beloved because we bring our effort.  We are His beloved simply because of His love.  Rest in that.  Know that. Then we will be able to do the right things for the right reasons and doing the right things will no longer eat at us. We will be at rest in our Savior instead of seeking meaning in being good.

Here’s to families,

Pastor John

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