The Hectic Family – Missing Something

For the next several weeks I want to identify the marks of the hurried and often run over family.  In fact, Tim Kimmel of Family Life identifies seven marks of a family that is overstressed.  They are hectic! As we look at them, perhaps we will see a bit of ourselves!


The third mark of the hurried family is that they are never satisfied. This is the family that always has new stuff.  Upgrades of this, changing that.  The yard is always changing.  The house gets painted every three years.  Their cars change every year.  They seem to be chasing something that they just can’t put their finger on. They don’t even know what it is.


This isn’t about materialism.  It isn’t about money.  That, of course, is all around us. This is about something they are seeking that they just can’t put their finger on.  It is about a hunger that just can’t be satisfied.


The hectic family doesn’t have time for introspection. They don’t have time to look at what really matters. What happens then? The hunger for God and His love and work in our lives is in all of us.  The hectic family can’t see that hunger for what it is so they attempt to fill it with other stuff.


Is this you?  Are you running a mile a minute and haven’t stopped long enough to see that those things you are stuffing into you life truly doesn’t fulfill? Isn’t it time?  Jesus says that we should take His yoke and learn from Him.  He says that His burden is light. Isn’t time to fill your life with Him instead of anything else? He invites you.  Just slow down a little and see Him right there.


Here’s to families,

Pastor John

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