Rejoicing in the time you are in

Consider these thoughts from Susan Alexander Yates. “Toddlers make mothers feel they have lost control of their families. They give orders like generals! They are unpredictable, and they constantly interrupt plans. The do-er mom who awakes in the morning with a mental list of what she hopes to accomplish during the day had better lower her expectations because she’s in for disappointment otherwise. Toddlers demand a great deal of flexibility on the part of their mothers. One time, a do-er mother of three toddlers who had been totality frustrated suddenly appeared to exhibit more of a sense of peace in her life. When asked by her friends what “miracle” had taken place, she simply said, “I lowered my expectations for each day!” Although we certainly struggle to maintain obedience, energy, and control, we also have the special opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness of this season.” (from And Then I Had Kids)

I don’t know if you are one of those “do-er” moms who has young children in the home, but if you’ve had children you’ve experienced this wonderfully frustrating time with your children too. They drive us crazy with their questions and their toddling about.  They always seem to be getting into trouble.  They pull the cat’s tail.  They eat play dough. They smear their mirror with glue.  It’s always something!

Yet, if that is all we see then we are missing something precious.  Those same trouble finders also ask incredible questions.  “Why is the sky blue?” “Who is God’s mother?” “Will we always be bestest budies?”

It is these things that Susan Yates reminds us of.  There are unique things about this season of life.  I have a picture on my desk of my youngest daughter.  Her mouth is smeared from corner to corner with cherry juice.  She is smiling as if she doesn’t have a care in the world.  She is happy!  I have pictures like that of all my children.  They are not self conscious.  They do not worry about messes.  They are cute!  They are still asking deep questions and they do not feel I will look down on them for asking “dumb” questions.

Enjoy this time.  Do not wish it away.  In fact, enjoy each season you have with your children.  Each one has its own joys and frustrations.  In each one we live!


Here’s to families,

Pastor John

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