Lessons I want to Teach My Children (Part 5)

We are now ready for the next few lessons of the “40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children,” from Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Let’s look at the next five:

  1. The importance of flexibility and adaptability to cope in life.
  2. Truth is best passed on through relationships.
  3. Leave a legacy of holiness.
  4. Keep life manageable.      Prioritize decisions.
  5. Tame selfishness—you can’t always get your way.

Oh, the underlying values of life!  These five lessons are the under the surface skills that makes the difference between happy and successful people and stressed and overwhelmed people. We all know people who live life overwhelmed or frustrated. We see them stack their life full on stuff to do and they just can’t seem to understand why they can’t seem to get their heads above water. Have you ever wondered if your children are going to be one of those people?  Have you ever wondered how you can help your children to avoid becoming one of those over-stressed, over-worked, over-whelmed people?

I believe that these five lessons are a key.  To be flexible, to value relationships, to plan to leave a legacy, to prioritize, and to tame selfishness will go a long way to lowering stress and giving us time to accomplish what is truly important. Flexibility allows us to deal with all the bumps of life. Relationships allow us to pass on what is really important to us. Focusing priorities helps us keep the main thing as the main thing.

Selfishness (the last lesson) is the great undermining evil of many of life’s efforts.  Selfishness undermines real relationships.  Selfishness creates problems with ministries.  Taming selfishness will give us success as we surrender our will to others so that we can work together.

Think of the positive effects of these lessons: coping with the curves of life, valuing others, successfully completing work, and being able to live with others well.  Aren’t these things that we want our children to be able to do?  It isn’t some mysterious gift or magical formula.  It is these lessons that we can pass on to our children.  Flexibility, relationships, priorities, and selflessness are the behind the scene lessons of success.  It is a mystery to some.  For you and me, we know these lessons that we can pass on to our children.  Let’s give them the tools for success!

Here’s to families,
Pastor John

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