Lessons I want to Teach My Children (Part 3)

We are now ready for the next 5 of the “40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children,” from Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

Here are the second five:

11.  Keep your promises.

12. The power of the tongue for good or evil.

13. Give too much rather than too little.

14. The importance of manners and common courtesies.

15. View life through God’s agenda—the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

These next five ask the question – Who are we everyday?  We all want to be able to make the right decisions when we face the important choices.  We certainly want our children to be able to make those decisions. Yet, when does making the right decision start? Does it start when you are faced with a big choice?

Of course our good decision making doesn’t begin with big choices.  Good decision making begins with everyday choices.  It begins with the choice to do right even when it is an inconvenience.  It begins with these types of choices.  It begins when we keep our promises – even when those promises are sometimes a real headache.  It begins with a consistently good use of our tongue to build up rather than tear down.  It begins with having a generous spirit that puts others first.  It begins with saying things like, “please,” and, “thank you.”  It begins by acknowledging everyday that there is a standard outside of ourselves. 

These are the everyday decisions our kids make.  They may seem like they are insignificant, but it is these small decisions that build the character that will stand the test of the ‘big’ decisions.  We need to see character like a cement block wall.  It is all the little blocks that give such a wall strength.  It is the little, everyday, expressions of character that build our children into youth that value others.  It is those everyday expressions of character that build our youth into young adults who can stand up to the destructive forces that challenge them.

Everyday choices make a difference.  Let’s help our children understand that! 

Here’s to families,

Pastor John

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