Sermon Player – Updated Website

We want to announce the beginning of our new website that we are unveiling this month! Not only will it contain our usual content (including the Pastor John Blog), but we are making updates to the website as we partner with They will be able to host our sermons as well as provide us with a new sermon player which you can see below. This is an exciting change for us which we hope will extend our web reach and ministry to people who are looking for faithful Bible teaching or are needing to hear the gospel for the first time.

We are also partnering with which should be a much better fit for our web-hosting and blogging needs. Right now, we are simply working to make the transition smooth and seamless (when does that ever happen). Later, you should see some cool updates as we learn how to use the new tools offered at wordpress.

Have you ever been excited about something new? Have you ever hoped that God would use it in surprising ways? That’s how we feel about this endeavor. It may not be the same as a Bible study or an evangelistic outreach, but we hope that it will increase our ministry and our communication with the community.

God bless,
Pastor John

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