The Power We Have

Let's Encourage One Another
Consider the power you have…

This week we thought about God’s uncommon faithfulness. He was faithful to Paul when he was heading to Rome. Paul’s relationship with God tells us much about God’s relationship with all of His people. God is faithful. He encourages. He works when we cannot see Him. He cannot be stopped!

This got me thinking… It isn’t that God can’t do these things when a person doesn’t believe in Him. It’s just that the person who doesn’t believe, won’t see God working. They may give credit to luck. They may give credit to themselves. Too often, the person who is going through a rough patch won’t even see the good in their lives at all. How sad is that?

Yet, with all that said, I really started thinking about the person who doesn’t know (or remember) that God is there for them. Have you ever noticed how comforted or transformed that person becomes when they learn of God’s abiding presence and power to care for them? It’s like the transformation in this cartoon. We feel beaten down, ugly, and insignificant. God’s Word tells us that we are loved, important, and cared for. We are suddenly different. Our circumstances may have not changed, but our hope has.

That is the power of encouragement. If you are here today and you don’t know it – Know this: God is real and He wants to care for your life in Jesus Christ! Won’t you live in that knowledge today?
If you are here and you have forgotten it – You can be that voice of encouragement to someone today! Be the voice for someone. Who knows? You may be speaking for God…

Something to think about,
Pastor John

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