Courageous – The Movie!

Joshua 1:9 says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Last week the new Sherwood Pictures production had a prescreening for their new movie. It is called Courageous. What a powerful experience! I was most impressed by the two messages of the movie. The first message is obvious – families need dads to be dads. Through example and modern day statistics they bring this point home.  Dads show their daughters how that future man in her life ought to treat women.  Dads show their sons what it means to be a man.  His job is indespensible in the life of the family.  He is needed.

The second message is issued as more of a challenge – we (as dads) must have the courage to make a difference in our families.  It takes courage to be a man.  That has always been so, but lately I think that we have forgotten this.  In our desire to enjoy the blessings of life, and be happy – men have forgotten the importance of exercising courage in a young man’s life.  We have forgotten that correctly channeled courage is what has always turned young boys into men.  Whether it be our military, the challenge of caring for a family, or the calling of God on a life – men are always called to be courageous.  The military man is called to swallow his fear of death in the service of his country.  The family man is called upon to swallow his fear of failure to care for and raise his family.  The Godly man is called upon to swallow his fear of rejection to share the love of Christ with a dying world.

Both of these messages are forgotten virtues in our culture today.  In a world of self-fulfillment and self-sufficiency being a real man just doesn’t fit in.  We have communicated that men are really unnecessary and that seeking fun for yourself is really all that life is about.  Men, are we going to stand for such a shallow future? What about our daughters?  Do we want the only picture of manhood to be someone who only cares about himself and will never respect her?  What about our sons?  Do we want them to think that men are selfish thrill seekers who do not know real courage?

Being courageous is desparately needed today.  We need those who heed God’s word to Joshua: Be strong and courageous.  Will you?

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