Reminders from Children’s Camp

This last week I was able to be camp pastor for Metro’s Children’s Camp.  As always, it was a great experience.  It wasn’t just great because I was able to share the gospel with a group like that.  It was great because the children reminded me again how precious our relationship with God is.  For many of the children, this wasn’t their first camp.  They sang with abandon.  They praised God with their whole hearts.  I believe God received their praise with love.

Isn’t that the most wonderful reality of our God?  He loves us!  He receives our praise!  He is willing to be our friend!  When you think about how little we know and how often we sin, it is absolutely wonderful that God accepts us.

I was reminded of that this week.  Jesus made the way to God.  Jesus is the way to God.  When we walk in Him, God accepts us, our praise, and our friendship.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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