Building Bridges

Today I want us to think together about building bridges.  No, I don’t mean the type of bridges that we drive cars across.  I mean bridges between people.  Bridges are built by common interests.  Bridges are built by friendliness and a heart that is willing to listen.  Bridges are built by honesty and truthfulness.  This is true of your every day friendships.  It is also true of sharing the truth of Jesus with others.

Consider this: have we become so insulated as Christians inAmericathat we have forgotten that there is a world that is lost all around us?  Have we also forgotten that they may not talk like us, think like us, or have the same priorities as us?  In that context (and I realize that what I am going to say now may seem contradictory) do we also forget that we are just like them?  Yes, we have differences, but people are still people.  Because of that we have a huge job – build a bridge that reaches people who think so differently than we do.  Yet, it is a clearly doable job – they are people just like us.

Why then, do Christians not build bridges to their non-Christian friends or family members?  Perhaps I should just end here: do you build bridges to your non-Christian friend?  Why or why not?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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