Preparing to Follow God

Sometimes we make things difficult that are really quite easy.  Have you ever put together a tent?  I have seen people spend hours in a jumbled up mess.  Then, suddenly, they looked at the directions in a different way and poof their tent was up in ten minutes. (no, I won’t admit that the person I was watching was really myself)

I wonder if the same is true when we talk about following God.  We use big words like discipleship, sanctification, and commitment when we could just as easily use words like follow, walk, and live.  Why do we do that? Do we feel that if we make following God sound mystical that it will have greater meaning?  Instead, I suspect that when we make it sound difficult that we find ourselves following less.

Following Jesus is actually quite simple.  He invites – you follow.  “How do I follow?” you say.  Well, listen to what He has said and do it.  Learn about His desires, hopes, and character.  Copy it in your life on a daily basis.  It is amazing how He leads if we will simply be faithful in that.  Don’t underestimate the power of a day.  This day. Today.  Jesus invites you to follow Him.  Don’t make it complicated.  Don’t make it something only the holy or the ‘spiritual’ can do.  Just follow and see what great things He will do as you follow daily.

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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