Why the Resurrection

Have you recently considered the claims of the Scripture? No, I don’t mean the claims of people who carry the Bible – they could have an agenda. I mean, have you really read what the New Testament claims about Jesus? It isn’t a message of morality. The New Testament does not have a simple respect for the man. The Scripture does not tell us one way to get to God.
The Scripture claims to be presenting the only way to God. Jesus is God. Jesus is the only way to life. Jesus is life. That isn’t a philosophy. That isn’t morality. That is a profoundly challenging claim.
Have you considered the claims of Jesus or merely patronized them? You know what it means to be patronized, right? It means to be ignored, not taken seriously, and treated as inferior or childish. Do we do that with the claims of Scripture? We accept Scripture as morally helpful. We accept Scripture as generally truthful. How can Scripture be good or truthful if we haven’t really considered its central claim?
No, it is dishonest to accept something halfway. So, this Easter, I would urge you to truly examine the claims of the Bible. Agree or disagree, but don’t ignore. The Scripture declares that Jesus died for sinners. The Scripture declares that Jesus is the only way to God. The Scripture declares that without the resurrection we have no hope, no future, and no real life. Do you believe that? I know I do.
Something to think about,
Pastor John

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