Choosing to Stand

Consider this thought: An amazing Christian is just a normal Christian who keeps saying yes to Jesus.  What do you think?  We studied the testimony and martyrdom of Stephen last Sunday.  The only description of him that we have before his witness is that he was a deacon who was full of the Holy Spirit. Yet, he was the first martyr.  He was a witness before the one who would become Paul.  Why did he do it?  How did he do it?  Don’t we struggle with that reality?  What causes a man to step beyond the usual limitations of fear and doubt to embrace the call of Jesus?

It is not uncommon valor or even extra faith that led Stephen.  What led Stephen is the same thing that leads Christians every day.  It is simply saying , “yes,” to Jesus.  As we grow in the practice of saying yes to Him our life is led by Him.  We may say, “I could never be that brave.”  Yet, it is not bravery that led Stephen to make his stand.  It was obedience.  He said yes to Jesus when he became a deacon.  He said yes to Jesus when he shared the gospel with the people.  He said yes to Jesus when they took him before the council.  Stephen just kept saying yes to Jesus.

Could such a power entire our lives?  Yes.  It comes as we daily say yes to Jesus.  It is a wonderful power that we do not even realize that is coming upon us.  We say yes to Him one day and then another day and then another day.  Over time, His presence in our lives changes us in ways that transform us from the inside out.  It is His leadership that makes the every day much more than that.  He transforms us from normal to amazing.

How will saying yes to Jesus change you?

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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