Fruit Checking

I urge you to not become a fruit checker.  Why?It is a depressing job. To look for the blemishes and nicks and rotten spaces in fruit has got to be one of the more discouraging jobs.  Why? Well, what makes perfect, perfect?  Is there a standard of perfection that any piece of fruit can match?  Yes, an apple may have no physical mars on its skin, but is it misshapen in any way?  Is it fully symmetrical?  Does the stem come right out of the middle or does it lean to the left or to the right?  Depressing, right?  If you look too carefully, you will find mistakes everywhere.

The same is true for those who feel it is their duty to be a fruit checker of people.  If you become a fruit checker, beware – the job is depressing. When do we (as people) ever measure up?  Are we ever kind enough, giving enough, committed enough, willing enough, gentle enough, patient enough, or righteous enough? 

You see, there are two types of encouragement toward righteousness that I see happen in the world. First, we have the morality monitors who see fit to tell everyone just how bad they are.  These are the fruit checkers.  What a job!  Second, we have the cheerleaders who urge us to be the best that we can and seek God’s help for the rest.  These are the fruit enjoyers.  I know, enjoyers isn’t a real word – but it’s the best I can do.  Be a person who enjoys the fruit of others.  If you really think that you want to be a fruit checker, start with yourself.  That should break you of that in a hurry (if you’re honest).

Something to think about,

Pastor John

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