Trust is hard

This week’s worship time was focused on trusting God.  We talked about trusting and how difficult it is sometimes.  It is difficult because our stress-filled times make us forget God’s faithfulness.  It is difficult because we want easy answers.  It is difficult because we undervalue walking with God.  It is difficult because trust requires faith in God’s character.

Let’s look at that character issue today.  Isn’t it something to have a God that is so trustworthy?  Yet, isn’t having faith in God’s character something that we struggle with mightily?  I mean, can we really say with the Old Testament saint, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him?” (Job 13:15)  Think about what that means for a moment.  It means that whatever God brings into my life, I am okay with it because it is God who is bringing it.  I am not afraid of the ‘big, bad Devil’ because God is in control of my life.  I pray with confidence over my struggles because God can answer my prayers.  I do not have a crisis of faith when God’s answer is different from my wants because God knows what I really need.  I do not fear for my life or the lives of those I care about because I know that God can be trusted with their safety.  And – I do not fear death because if it my time to go I know that God knows the right time and I will get to be with God!

Sometimes we make faith about God’s power.  Sometimes we make faith about God’s existence.  However, for the Bible-believing Christian, faith becomes about God’s character.  It isn’t – God is powerful enough to trust.  Faith is – God is loving enough to trust.  Is He for you?

Something to think about – Pastor John

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