Adoring God

When we talk about why we are on the earth, the answers are usually us centered.  We speak of finding fulfillment and purpose.  We speak of God having a wonderful plan for our lives.  Can you imagine doing that with another friend (and keeping them)?  I can just imagine…Josh asks Kevin why he is friends with him and Kevin replies: it’s because you give me lots of money.  Or Sally asks Jane why she is friends with her and Jane replies: Your presence in my life is in my best interests.  Your stuff makes me happy!
Whatever happened to loving God just for being God?  Whatever happened to God being the most important thing in our lives?  Isn’t He more important than you and me?  Do we truly see Him that way, or is He just a means to a better end?  Our scripture this week declares that it is better to have a day in God’s presence than a thousand any where else.  I get the picture of a person who is at the end of his or her life being asked what 1 thing they want to do before they died.  The Psalmist’s answer is – spend it before God.  What is your answer?  Why?
Something to think about,
Pastor John

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