You Shall Receive Power

This week we are talking about the Holy Spirit.  We studied Acts 1 & 2 last Sunday.  We saw the promise of the Holy Spirit.  We saw the working of the Holy Spirit.  What an encouragement!  I often talk about our common failures.  I do that to encourage folks that they are not alone in their feelings of inadequacy or sinfulness.  When we talk about the Spirit, however, we must move past our feelings of smallness and embrace the largeness of being a child of God.  The Holy Spirit has not come to just walk with us in our struggles.  He has come to empower us so that we can overcome those struggles.  He has come to give us victory in the midst of our struggles.  Most importantly, He has come so that we might be a witness.
That is what we see in Acts 1 & 2.  Jesus even said that when the Holy Spirit had come upon the disciples that they would, "be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth."  We see that is what Peter does on that day of Pentacost.  When the Spirit descends on them, people are confused (some even mock).  Peter stands up to explain what has happened.  He was a witness!
What will we do with the Spirit.  He empowers and enables us.  He makes ministry possible.  The makes you able to minister, reach out, and be a witness.  Don’t sell yourself short.  The Spirit will do it!  He can and does make us able.  Will you step out in faith and trust Him?  Attempt great things for God today.  Let me know about it.
Something to think about,
Pastor John

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