Fighting for Jesus (2) – Good Armor

Can you imagine fighting a war with tissue paper for armor?  Can you imagine facing a tank with jello?  If you are like me, such thoughts seem idiotic.  Yet, I find myself using armor like that all the time in my day to day living.  I use my personality, my wit (what there is of it), my intelligence, my friendliness, and my expressions to shield me from the slings and arrows of life.  They don’t work very well.  I get hit.
Yet, I think that is why we use this type of armor.  We look at the armor of God in Ephesians 6 and we think, "this armor may not protect me enough, I had better get something else!"  Do we struggle with trust?  Is that what we need to put on the full armor of God?  I think so.  I think that we don’t trust that God’s armor will protect us.  We run from pain – even pain that God says is necessary.  So, we put on unfamiliar and untrustworthy armor to protect ourselves.  May we build that trust of God so that we can have good armor.  Let us let Him protect us. That is the only way to live.
Something to think about,

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