The Great Disconnect…continued

If you remember, last week I wrote about the first front of the Great Disconnect.  That is the modern agnosticism that says, "It doesn’t matter if Jesus really rose from the dead as long as believing in Him gives you some comfort."  As I wrote last time, the disciples rejected such a faulty religion.  For them, Jesus was a real person who really rose from the dead.  This was a game changer for them.  It turned them from fearful followers to powerful disciples.  It changed who they were.  This gets us to the second front of the Great Disconnect: If Jesus is God, doesn’t that mean something for us?  In other words, doesn’t Jesus being God change us?  I am amazed at the number of people who claim to follow Jesus who put up with things in their own life that the Bible clearly tells us to flee from.  The same is true regarding those who claim to follow Jesus who have little or no hunger for the things of God.  In both cases, Jesus appears to mean very little.  Yes, we want Him to get us into Heaven.  Yeah, we get to go to Heaven!  Yet, we live as if we really don’t want to follow the One who invites us there.

Please note… We all know (or at least should know) that none of us are perfect.  I certainly don’t want to criticize anyone who seeks to follow Christ and struggles with their humanity.  However, I am amazed when we accept our human thinking and never let it be challenged by Jesus’ teaching.  Bigotry, racism, hatred, worry, and a host of other human ills should be challenged and overcome by the followers of Christ.  Why aren’t they?  Have we bought into the Great Disconnect?  Have we come to believe that they way we presently are is as good as it gets?  Do we believe that Jesus isn’t really offering us anything different?  If so, aren’t we buying into the Great Disconnect?

Jesus offers to change our life.  Has His life changed yours?

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