A beginning (continued)

As I mentioned last time, John McCallum led me to Christ.  I grew up rather timid.  That was true of my salvation experience as well as the rest of my life to that point.  I was scared to go up front to talk with the pastor.  In our church, a person went to the front during a song at the end of the service.  Not  only did I not go up the Sunday I received Christ, I struggled with it the Sunday after that too.  However, my decision to follow Christ was real.  I was so hungry for the teachings of Jesus and the relationship that he offered me that I finished my first Bible study as fast as I could.  Pastor John was surprised that I was done before my baptism.  At that point, my life began to change.  I didn’t know it, but God was giving me a type of boldness that I never knew before.  Yes, I was still the awkward kid (I still am in many ways), but I became brave and confident where the things of Christ are concerned.  Mission trips were adventures.  Sunday School was a place of learning and excitement.  God was making me into the person He had designed me to be.
What about you, have you had that experience?  Have you come to a place in your life that Jesus has changed you?  Do you look back now and see what He was doing?  What was it like for you?
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