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Read God’s Word for Yourself – Do the Work and Let God Speak

In church history there was a time of awakening. It is called the Reformation. It was a time when Christ’s church began to examine itself and came to this realization – the Bible was sufficient to understand the Bible! It seems so obvious now, but back then it was revolutionary! As our Scripture today declares, God has breathed into existence every single Scripture and made all of it useful for teaching us everything we need to know to be ready to be used by him. Continue reading

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At Calvary – Episode 59 – Adoring a Great God

The Greatest of all possible beings. Sounds impressive, right? Yet, often the response to the greatest of all possible beings seems off. Either we shrug our shoulders like it barely matters, or we are so intimidated by the thought that we don’t really approach Him. Is that what God’s faithful people do in the Bible? Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Continue reading

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God’s Invitation to Us Comes Each Day

There is a sweet reality – God never sleeps. I do. He doesn’t. So, if I need Him at 2 AM, He is awake. If I wake before the sparrows, He is awake. If my day is packed, He is ready for me. If my day is free, He has all the time in the world. Continue reading

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At Calvary – Episode 58 – The Path to Righteousness

Holiness. We read in the Bible that it is an essential. Yet, there seems to be two competing paths to holiness described in religious literature. There is the path that creates a system to be followed. Then there is the path of following a person. Is one “easier” than another? Does one lead to actual righteousness? Continue reading

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The Resurrection – A Challenge to Consider What The Bible Claims

Have you recently considered the claims of the Scripture? No, I don’t mean the claims of people who carry the Bible – they could have an agenda. I mean, have you really read what the New Testament claims about Jesus? It isn’t a message of morality. The New Testament does not have a simple respect for the man. The Scripture does not give us one of many possible ways to get to God. Continue reading

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