At Calvary – Episode 56a – Revolution – Getting Real about Change

“Getting real” is an expression we use when we are truly ready to be honest or truly ready to act. Getting real with God is that point when we transition from talking about giving up our bad habits, unhealthy coping methods, and sinful choices to actually taking steps to give them up. This means we accept what God has said about our choices without excuses. It also means that we confess to ourselves, to God, and to another person who cares about us what we have done. It is time to get real.

Part 1 – Cross Contamination in concert AND leading us in worship!

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At Calvary – Episode 109 – A Debt Worth Having At Calvary!

The Bible speaks clearly about the dangers of short-term debt. Yet, when God wants to encourage us to love others, He uses the image of debt to urge us to keep loving. Why is that? What about love and debt are connected? Let’s think about that together At Calvary… Looking for more? You can always […]
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